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About Us

At Beach Grove Laser Skin Care Clinics, we are committed to your individual and unique skin care needs. Utilizing the most advanced and scientifically proven laser correction technology, we offer each of our clients a highly customized solution for skin rejuvenation.

Serving you in our serene and professional clinics, Beach Grove Laser’s caring specialists are highly trained and have exceptional healthcare experience.

At Beach Grove Laser we treat all skin types - even tanned skin. We can remove your unwanted hair, leg and facial veins, age & sun spots, and finer lines and wrinkles.

Following treatment, prevention and protection become very important. Beach Grove Laser carries an advanced and exclusive line of skin care products designed specifically to boost the effects of your treatment and minimize future damage to your skin. Our products contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and, as such, are available only to dermatologists and medical professionals.

Beach Grove Laser can work with you to design a complete skincare program to maximize and improve your skin's overall health. At Beach Grove Laser,

the skin you desire is the skin you will have.


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