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About Us

One thing that I like about Beach Grove is their excellent service. I felt no pressure from them. Instead, Mary and the staff were educational and gave me options for my skin. It still has the small town feel service which is very rare. Thank you guys!

Nina O.

Congratulations Mary and staff. I was delighted to see you were awarded "Best Laser" and "Best Website".Way to go! You deserve it! There is a sense of calm and caring once client enters your premises.

Mary R.

I was looking for a clinic that truly specializes in laser and I am happy to be a client of Beach Grove Laser. I trust them and thank them for the excellent result that I got from my sun spot laser treatment.

John E.

I am very pleased with the laser treatment I received on my neck. In my field of work I wear a suit and tie 5 days a week. I have long experienced uncomfortable and unsightly shaving bumps and in-grown hairs. Since having the treatment a couple months ago - this problem has disappeared! I wanted to say thank you, and let you know that I would highly recommend your clinic and your laser hair treatment to all the 'suits' out there.

James E.

Thank you Beach Grove Laser for your help. I suffered from a Toenail Fungus for 10 years and with your advice, I used Celazome O.plex mist and my nail is back and healthy. Thank you for helping me!


After having hair removal treatments at BGL, I would highly recommend it to all my friends! I've had my legs, underarms and bikini line done and It is so nice to be able to go away on vacation, or even for a weekend without worrying about shaving before or while your away. No more packing shaving cream and razors, or going for bikini waxes. Hair removal not only helps get rid of unwanted hair, it also helps with ingrown hairs, and no more razor burn. I highly suggest these treatments to any woman who would like to no longer shave and be carefree when it comes to travelling!

Elysha C.


I live in Coquitlam and I have to drive to go to Beach Grove Laser but the service and support that I get is so worth it. Thanks to Mary and her staff, I will be a client forever.

Kristine B.


I now go to Beach Grove Laser for my skin care products. They are so friendly and they will give you information of what you really need. I love the follow-up too. They don't sell, they inform you first.

Judy M.


I live in Calgary but I go to Beach Grove Laser whenever I am in town visiting my family and I am so thankful that they would do their best to accomodate me with my very short notice. Thanks to you Mary and staff, my skin is clear and youthful.

Carina H.


I decided to go with Beach Grove Laser after having consultations with 3 other clinics and I am happy to be their client. They are so nice and so helpful. Their Laser machine is also the best. It really works so it is worth the money. Thank you Jody for helping me a lot with my questions.



Thank you for my wonderful Venus Freeze treaments. I am actually excited to show off my abs and enjoy the beach!

Diane T.


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