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      The demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments has increased dramatically in the past few  years. In 2009,  
     over 10 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in USA alone, accounting for 88% of        total cosmetic procedures performed that year. These treatments deliver excellent results, without having to compromise on comfort or safety.

   Beach Grove Laser Clinic is excited to offer this extraordinary new technology that offers non-invasive skin       tightening, cellulite reduction and circumferential fat reduction.Venus Freeze has been featured in the Doctors  show, Hollywood Trend Report ,Extra TV, Vogue and countless magazines. Dr. Harold Lancer ( Oprah, Beyonce      Kim Kardashian's Dermatologist) states "it is currently the most popular treatment in the world".

   Venus Concept harnesses the remarkable power of multi-polar radio frequency (RF) and combines it with pulsed magnetic fields to create what is known as MP². This unique combination has the ability to penetrate deeply, quickly, comfortably and most important – safely into the skin to achieve optimal results.

    Freeze® treatments are pain-free and do not require any cooling agents or numbing cream. Patients can relax during the treatment which creates a warm and comfortable sensation. Treatments are quick and can even be completed over a lunch break! No needles , no surgery and no pain!

   Freeze is FDA cleared for facial wrinkles and rhytides, as well as Health Canada cleared for skin tightening and temporary reduction of cellulite.

   The Venus Freeze® is currently sold in over 40 countries and has been widely    accepted as the new standard of pain-free treatments that consistently deliver results, making it the product of choice for hundreds of Physicians worldwide.

   Freeze time and reverse aging through thermal magnetic rejuvenation with Venus  Freeze and join thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

                          Call 604.943.9339 and see if the Venus Freeze is right for you!







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